What can you expect?

Firstly, as our client, your interests invariably come first. Our role is to assist and advise you every step of the way. 

After an initial consultation you should have a proper understanding of the situation, be able to assess its ins and outs (possible gains, the chances of your issue being upheld in court, the need to negotiate) and have a clear idea of the costs, the possible solution and of the time it will take to arrive at a solution so that you have a clear frame of reference and can regain your peace of mind.

You need a lawyer:

How does it work?

In concrete terms, you contact us, by phone or e-mail, and give our secretariat a brief account of the issue you are faced with so that we can assign the relevant lawyer/specialist to you whom you can make an immediate appointment with for an initial consultation.

What to expect from that first appointment? 

  • An analysis:
    The various aspects of your problem are charted schematically.
  • A qualification:
    The problem is given a concrete legal description, linked to the relevant legislation.
  • A quantification:
    The possible financial and legal implications of the issue are discussed and the available options are listed and assessed.
  • A proposal for action:
    A step-by-step plan on how to arrive at a solution

It goes without saying that you can make up your mind there and then or take your time to think about and assess our proposal and discuss it with your family.

The decision as to whether and when you wish to proceed is entirely yours.


In need of a lawyer?
How does it work?
What can you expect?

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